The Finance team delivers insightful financial information and analysis to foster forward thinking and influence decision making. It also recognizes the diverse skills and interests of grads, which is why it has three streams for new graduates interested in launching their careers in Finance with Canada’s leading communications company.

​​​​​​​Pre-approved CPA 

​​​​​​​Focuses on helping grads gain the practical experience required to become a CPA. Approved by CPA Ontario, CPA Quebec, and CPA Atlantic, the rotational program helps students obtain their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. 

If you want to pursue your CPA in a the non-traditional route, then this program is for you!

Financial management

​​​​​​​Suitable for grads who are not necessarily seeking to pursue a designation, but has a strong interest in accounting, performance management, financial modelling and process improvements.

This stream is also rotational, designed to give grads depth and breadth on the path to becoming a Finance professional at Bell.

Finance analytics 
Caters to grads who are interested in data science and data engineering.

This rotational stream includes rotations in Finance Data and Analytics and Finance Operations to give the grad a well-rounded experience.

Why join our program

  • Get a head-start in management.
  • Gain industry experience and deliver on special projects.
  • Receive mentorship from senior members in Finance.
  • Network with other grads and seasoned professionals.
  • Benefit from support in pursuing various designations (CPA, CFA), including participation in preparation programs, study materials and entitled study leave.
Program structure​​​​​​

  • Pre-Approved CPA stream: 24-month (Quebec) or 30-month (Ontario and Atlantic) specialized rotational program spanning Internal Audit and Risk Advisory, Financial Close Controllers, Tax, Finance Operations, or External Reporting & Consolidations. Approved by the CPA regulatory bodies in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic, this rotational program is designed to support the practical experience requirements of your designation.  

  • Financial Management stream: 30-month rotational program across various Finance departments in Finance Operations, Finance Robotics Process Automation, Capital Markets, Treasury, Strategic Business Transformation and Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Finance Analytics: 36-month rotational program including rotations in Finance Analytics, Finance Robotics Process Automation and Finance Operations 
What we are looking for

  • A university degree completed before the program start date and no earlier than two years before your application date.

  • Demonstrate curiosity, initiative, leadership and a passion for learning new skills.

  • Interest in driving change and taking on new challenges.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.