Tech Product Management
Tech Product Management at Bell
As a Tech Product Manager at Bell, you will have a chance to partner with other like-minded, high energy professionals that are passionate about contributing to Bell’s goal to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world.

We are looking for professionals with excellent leadership skills, a strong business acumen, and an ability to sweat the details of our products and projects to join our team.

Browse innovative products from our Bell team

Bell introduces Smart Supply Chain powered by Bell IoT Smart Connect for fleet and supply chain operators

​​​​​​​Bell IoT Smart Connect reduces business complexity by offering a unified view of a company's entire fleet, including trucks, trailers, drivers and the temperature of cargo, to optimize and automate tracking and management.
TSN and RDS Launch Immersive In-Game 5G Experience Letting Hockey Fans Control the Angle on Every Play

​​​​​​​Canada’s top sports networks TSN and RDS have announced the launch of TSN 5G View / Vision 5G RDS, an exclusive in-app (iOS and Android) feature that leverages Bell 5G to offer fans exciting and interactive new ways to watch sports.
Bell 5G powers Tiny Mile food delivery robots in downtown Toronto

Connecting Tiny Mile's remotely operated pink robots to Bell's 5G network enables high definition video telematics data capabilities, improving real-time decisions and enhancing safety and response times.

Meet some of Bell's Tech Product Managers.

"One of the best parts of my role at Bell is that I get to work with not only many cross functional teams but also corporate partners such as Centech, MaRS, Google and AWS. This allows me to make many connections outside of Bell and work alongside inspiring companies who have accomplished remarkable things in the tech world. Getting to work in person with our corporate partners helps build strong partnerships and gives me a lot of exposure."
Andrea Haniak
5G Innovation Product Manager

​​​​​​​"The innovative culture and having to compete to lead the marketplace in Canada is the daily driver for someone like me. Helping my colleagues understand the industry outside of Bell is really exciting and inspiring."

Claude Arpin
Senior Technical Product Manager, 5G Business Development
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