Field Services internship

Bell’s Field Services team is proud to be the face of the Bell brand, performing the best installation and repair services and maintaining Bell’s network for our residential and business customers.  Our Business Intelligence team collects and analyzes data on network and product performance, uses data to optimize resource utilization across a workforce of nearly 12,000 people and delivers a performance management system that achieves best-in-class quality from our technicians. As an intern, you will learn about our operations and our customers, and analyze and assess opportunities to improve customer experience.

Why join our program

  • Develop your analytical, problem-solving, project management and leadership skills with real, customer-facing challenges and emerging technologies
  • Gain valuable insights into the operations and learn how we deliver our services to our customers
  • Work in a team on a project to improve the customer experience: our executive team carefully selects project topics, which offer interns an opportunity to make tangible impacts on the business
  • Benefit from training and ongoing support from Bell leaders
  • Interact with an amazing peer-to-peer grad and alumni support network
  • Get the unique opportunity to present your project to the Bell Executive Leadership team

  • Work directly on a team to experience the day-to-day similar to our grads
  • Secure advanced eligibility to our best-in-class Graduate Leadership Program once graduated
  • Have fun throughout the program by participating in innovation sessions, social activities and networking opportunities

Program structure

  • Operations / Customer experience
  • Group project and individual assignments
  • Events


  • Ontario; Toronto

  • Québec; Montréal

What we are looking for

  • Successful students working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Operations Research or Mathematics with a planned graduation date of spring 2025

  • Team player with a good balance of confidence and willingness to put the team first
  • Demonstrated initiative, leadership and a passion for learning new skills
  • Strong work ethic; driven and persistent when facing challenges and opportunities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Solid analytical and strategic mindset; BI intern to have an understanding of the basic principles of working with large and complex data sets
  • Demonstrated curiosity and ability to learn quickly, with an ability to manage multiple priorities
  • BI intern to have knowledge of, and preferably experience with, query languages such as SQL, and/or software development such as Python, and/or developing visualization tools
  • Ability to leverage insights and opportunities from data and metrics to build strategies and make recommendations

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