Bell Business Markets internship
Be a part of the Bell Business Markets Intern Program, as we evolve our product roadmaps, integrate our wireless and wireline business, launch new solutions with agility, collaborate intimately with partners, make recommendations to clients, and rise to the challenges of Canadian businesses, all built on Canada’s largest network with world-class security.

Bell Business Markets recognizes the diverse skills and interests of students, which is why it has 3 pathways to kick-start your summer career and secure a position in our best-in-class Graduate Leadership Program upon graduation.
Why join the program
  • Benefit from extensive training and ongoing support from Bell leaders.
  • Interact with an amazing peer-to-peer grad and alumni support network.
  • Gain valuable insights and experience working with emerging technologies
  • Develop your analytical, problem-solving, project management and leadership skills with real, customer-facing challenges.
  • Secure advanced eligibility to our best-in-class Graduate Leadership Program once graduated.
Program structure

​​​​​​​Our program starts with an orientation event to get to know Bell, the team, and the internship program plan. Over the course of our program, you will enhance and develop your analytical, problem-solving, project management and leadership skills with real, customer-facing challenges.

Kick-start your summer career through 3 various pathways, based on your skills and interests.

Emerging Technologies
  • Technology Specialist (Cloud, Security, IoT)
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist (Data Engineering, Software Development, AI & Machine Learning)
  • Product Consultant

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Specialist

  • Sales Support Specialist
What we are looking for
  • Successful students in 2nd last year of study working towards a Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, information technology, computer science, math/statistics or economics.
  • Passion and understanding of the current telecom products and services technologies.
  • Great communicators with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.
  • Natural leaders with a passion for learning new skills.
  • Easygoing collaborators.
  • Talented and enthusiastic go-getters.
  • Hard workers, persistent in the face of challenges and opportunities.
  • Solid analytical and strategic mindset.​​​​
  • Ontario: Greater Toronto Area
  • Québec: Montréal
  • Atlantic region

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